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What (if any) are your plans for Fighter centric stats; e.g. +Mitigation% +Maxhealth% +Block% its pretty much a requirement to obtain gear with ideally all three on. Its equip this sort of gear or you die. (and the gear containing this is not exactly awah with DPS options)

The Mitigation% stat is especially cruel as there is really not a stat which says "healing% or "spell%" or "combatart%" and you are required to take a tax of this off every item of gear you own otherwise you can't cast spells, cast heals or use your combat arts.

Now I like the stat; it really helps boost your confidence that fighters are needed to tank the tough stuff but it really limits fighter reforge options and reforging is less like "how to min-max" and more like "ok what stat can I get rid of".
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