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Some quick notes on Itemization within Terrors of Thalumbra. First and foremost, base itemization is much more focused on treasure drops. Meaning if you want a specific piece of gear, in most cases that item is going to be dropped from a specific encounter, so someone has to go beat that specific encounter to receive that item. This means almost no encounters should drop the same piece of gear that another encounter does, some exceptions exist with this in the contested or overland bosses.

Gear Desirability and Progression – Obviously every piece of gear in the expansion will not be equally desirable, however every single playstyle should have at least a single item that very desirable at all levels of play, what is commonly referred to as a best in slot item. Yes, that means those that raid and quest will have access to gear that is better than is available to those that just raid or quest without partaking in both. Progression of gear outside of these special items should be handcrafted, quest rewards, solo dungeons, early heroic dungeons, mastercrafted, heroic dungeons, raid. Heroic dungeons are purposefully listed twice.

Item Infusing – One of our most exciting new systems this expansion is the ability to take your favorite piece of gear from Thalumbra, and make it even better. Unlike adornments, you can continue applying every available infusion to this item until you reach the maximum allowed bonus. This system lets you both spend platinum to purchase direct upgrades to your items stats, as well as to apply found or crafted infusers which have a chance to upgrade your items without spending plat. For those that want the absolute best, you have the option of applying both methods to wrest the most out of your gear. Possible bonuses to your items should be clearly labeled on the infusers themselves, and any modifiers applied to your item should be clearly discernible. Every non-quested item will come with some of these bonuses automatically applied when initially obtained. Quest reward items will not have random stats applied due to the non-repeatable nature of quests. The infusers from the premium edition exist in their own layer, and will not be overridden by purchased infusion, or any commonly available infusion item. A more detailed explanation for Infusing can be found at this link.

You can access the infusion system via /toggleinfusion, right clicking on an infusible item, or navigating the Equipment Infusion button on the main menu.

Relic Items – A player may only wield a single relic item equipped at a time, which allow us to create some really outstanding rewards while not trivializing all future drops of that slot.
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