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Been working on my 70+ crafters...Sage: Half-Elf L21 Fury (retired for 2 yrs), L74 (dinged today), 356 skill, 2 skill ups today, first since L71, no racials for craftingProvisioner: Human L25 Fury (retired for 2 yrs), L75 (dinged today), 363 skill, no skill ups lately, has the racial DiversityAlchemist: Ratonga L32 Paladin (active), L73, 355 skill, no skill ups lately, no racial for craftingTailor: Human L23 Warden (retired for 2 yrs), L74, 360 skill, no skill up lately, racials Diversity and the one for TailoringJeweler: Half-Elf L18 Warden (retired for 2 yrs), L73, 353 skill, no skill ups lately, no racials for craftingAll current as of today.
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