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I've been working with several of my crafters this holiday weekend - I have an Alchemist, an Armorer, a Carpenter, a Jeweler, a Tailor, a Weaponsmith, and a Woodworker. I'll detail my experience with each of them, below.

1) This is the first crafting I've done with any of my characters since RoK went live.

2) Each crafter began his respective 'crafting run' this weekend at level 30 or level 31, with a skill level of 145/150, or 150/155.

3) None of my  crafters has chosen any type of racial crafting trait, all were wearing their quested crafting vests while crafting, and each also has a tinkered (level 20) crafting gizmo in his inventory.

4) All crafting was done by countering random events and 'spamming' the durability buff between events as they occurred (the way I normally craft).

5) At various intervals I continuously spammed all six crafting buttons in sequence (right to left), to gauge power consumption/regen (more on that later). 

(I'll list these guys in the order that I worked with them.)

  • Level 30 Jeweler (level 15 Erudite Wizard):

Started at 145/150 (Artificing) skill and gained 5 crafting levels. Gained 7 total skillups, to finish at 152/175 at level 35.

(I knew there was a problem before I got to level 32 with this one - logging out of the game to check this particular forum and the eqtraders website confirmed this.)

Note: Skillups here occurred only at the completion of combines (no skillups were received during the crafting process at all).

  • Level 30 Tailor (level 19 Human Bruiser):

Started at 145/150 (Tailoring) skill and gained 5 crafting levels. Gained 25 total skillups, to finish at 170/175 at level 35.

(This one skilled up quickly, just as he always has - and as my other crafters normally do.)

All skillups occurred during the crafting process (immediately following event counters, in most cases), and I saw as many as three skillups while crafting the same item.

  • Level 30 Weaponsmith (level 14 Kerran Defiler):

Started at 145/150 (Metalworking) skill and progressed to level 32 (59% toward level 33). Finished at 148/160.

(Skillups here seemed few and far between, as with the Jeweler.)

Again, all skillups occurred only at the end of combines, instead of actually during the crafting process.

  • Level 30 Woodworker (level 21 Arasai Assassin):

Started at 145/150 (Fletching) skill and progressed to level 31 (just 5% toward level 32). Finished at 155/155.

(I worked with this one only long enough to determine that his skillups were occurring quickly and normally.)

The Woodworker's skillups also occurred only during the crafting process - usually as the result of a successful event counter. 

  • Level 31 Armorer (level 31 Iksar Guardian):

Started at 150/155 (Metalshaping) skill and progressed to level 32 (16% toward level 33). Finished at 160/160.

(After satisfying myself that this one was skilling up normally, I stopped working with him.)

As with the Tailor and the Woodworker, all skillups occurred during crafting combines.

* I haven't gotten to my Alchemist or Carpenter yet (both also currently 30 and at 145/150 skill; a level 15 Dark Elf Necromacer and a level 17 Troll Fury, respectively) - I'm beginning to run low on raws after working with the others, but I've come to these conclusions, so far:

1) Some crafting skills seem uneffected by this problem (in my case, anyway =P ).

2) Those having skillup trouble only get their skillups at the end of the combine process (the way my Tinker and Transmuters have in the past - I've done no tinkering or transmuting recently, so I don't know if that's changed), while those not having a problem continue to recieve their skillups during the item crafting process.  

3) The poorest skillup gain rates do indeed appear to belong to those crafters with the lowest adventure levels, for some reason.

Also, with the exception of my Armorer, power regeneration is not a concern for me while crafting post-RoK (at least in tier 4 crafting) - I can sequentially spam all six counter buttons for the entire duration of a given combine and, provided that I don't fail to counter any Major events, the use of a power regen totem isn't necessary at all. This is new for my crafters, as they've always had to watch their power consumption closely prior to now.

(The armorer, for some reason, still needs a power totem while crafting - he can't complete more than two or three back-to-back combines without using one. I've also posted about him in a thread over on the Combat Discussion forum because he seems to be burning through his power during combat a lot more quickly lately too. Odd coincidence, that.)

Anyway, that's all I have.

I know it's a 'known issue' but just wanted to throw my observations into the mix.


* Update: I just finished working with my Carpenter and Alchemist. The Carpenter picked up 5 skillups (150/150) in level 30 (between 1% and 42%), so I stopped at 42% and logged onto the Alchemist. The Alchemist leveled from 30 (4% in) to 31 (5% in)  and saw a total of one skillup (146/150, at 63%) at the completion of a crafting attempt. (Both of them crafted level 29 and level 30 items.) 

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