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Didi wrote:
Ram wrote:
Calthine, I'm sure they are looking in to the issue however I don't think they are giving it all they got to fix it. Probably have one or two people trying to figure it out and that isn't good enough. This is a game breaking crafting issue that needs to be fixed ASAP! Also, I'm getting angry because I'm not getting a dev response to the question I've asked. If one of the devs would just say that they will give us a trade skill boost appropriate to our crafting level when they implement the fix I wouldn't be getting so worked up. I've sent Domino 2 PMs asking if they could respond in this thread to my question but nothing.

It may have escaped your notice somehow, but it is in fact a holiday in the US at the moment.  Not only is it a holiday, but it's probably the first chance Domino and the other devs have had to catch up on sleep since they started Kunark crunch time several months ago.   These guys aren't paramedics or firefighters on call at your convenience 24/7.  This issue is already listed in the 'state of the tradeskills' post, we already know it's being looked into, what more can anyone say?  When they have a fix, they'll have a fix, and repeatedly PM'ing  demanding attention and by-the-minute updates throughout a holiday when it's already been stated that they know about the issue, is only going to make you look like a kid throwing a temper tantrum. 

Regarding the level gap theory, I don't think it's that simple.  As a level 36 monk who's 10% away from level 80 carpentry, my sculpting skill is currently maxed at 395/395 and I haven't lagged more than 5 skill points behind while levelling up.  If it were simply a case of level difference then I should be way further behind.  It's clearly not quite that straight forward (maybe why it's not fixed yet).  Personally, I remember when the cross-craft skills were added for making subcombines and how all of us who were approaching 50 already had to level them up from 0.  It was a pain, but it was pretty fast in the end, and none of us threw tantrums about it being a game-breaking issue.  Kids today!  They don't know when they have it good!  SMILEY

/em wanders off mumbling about walking uphill in the snow for 3 miles in bare feet on broken glass in the good old days ... and we liked it!

Wow, you're quick to shoot off from the fingers. It's funny you mention it is a holiday. The time when most folks are on vacation from work and have some time to play the game. Thanks for highlighting the fact that the start of a holiday is a bad time to put in an entire expansion in to a MMO. What genious thought that up? Now after putting in the expansion there's no one around to fix the issues. And they very well knew there would be issues.

When did I say I "repeatedly" PMed the devs? I said I sent Domino 2 PMs (over 2 days, when I saw her on) and got no response. A simple answer to my question was all I was asking too. I was not asking for the fix now. Just an answer to my question. Read the entirey of people's posts before you start going off at the mouth about something until you get all the details.

This is a game-breaking bug we are talking about. One would expect this type of bug to be fixed within 1 to 2 days when it was released. But because of the holiday schedule everything gets put on hold. Which is the most horrible time because it's when a lot of folks play the game.

Kids today!

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