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I done a test today doing one level on each of my crafters.  This was the result:

Alchemist (adv level 10)       Leveling from 44-45  skill at start 215/220  No skill up   skill at finish  215/225

Armorer (adv level 32)         Leveling from 34-35  skill at start 165/170  Got skill up  skill at finish 170/170(175)

Jeweler (adv level 42)          Leveling from 49-50  skill at start 240/245  Got skill up  skill at finish 245/245(250)

Provisioner (adv level 35)    Leveling from 40-41  skill at start 195/200  Got skill up  skill at finish 200/200(205)

Sage (adv level 9)                Leveling from 42-43  skill at start 205/210  No skill up  skill at finish 205/215

Tailor (adv level 44)             Leveling from 47-48  skill at start 230/235  Got skill up  skill at finish 235/235(240)

Weaponsmith (adv level 10) Leveling from 35-36  skill start 156/175     No skill up   skill at finish 156/180

Woodworker (adv level 10)   Leveling from 45-46  skill start 220/225     No skill up  skill at finish 220/230

I don't know if it just coincidence but notice the ones that didn't get a skill up have low adventure level compared to their trade skill.The ones that did get skill up got them within the first couple of things crafted, so there was no need to complete the level.  Hence the figures in brackets are what they would be on completing level.

There is a bigger difference on the weaponsmith because she had done more than one level.

I didn't include my carpenter because she is still a baby on the starter island and hasn't really started her career yet.

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