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Well I had no problem with skill ups with my Woodworker, and I soon reached max skill again after levelling after maybe only 2 items crafted.However, I am seeing a different behaviour with my Jeweler.I think the problem is that the Jeweler only has the chance to "skill up" when an item is successfully made. There doesn't seem to be any check for increasing my skill when using a reaction art during the normal process of making an item.With my Woodworker I often had 1 or more skillups whilst making a single item, but I haven't see a single one with my Jeweler.This is fairly easy to check if the same is happening to you, go through your logs and filter them on (Reward), (Skill) and (Narrative). This should show all your crafting events. If you check for "You get better at ....." you should see it is always preceeded by "You gain tradeskill experience" which idicates you've just completed an item. With my Woodworker however, I see the skill up messages following other events such as "You successfully countered...."Just a thought...
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