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Karellen wrote:

Same problem here.

One skillup over dosens of items. Tried items at my level, items at the level corresponding to skill and easy items. None gives skills up.

The single skillup came with product finishing.

Is it possible that we lost the skillups that come during the crafting proccess and we only get the ones at the end of cycle?

That is an interesting idea.  If skill-ups are randomly distributed and we now only get skill-ups from the last 25% of the manufacturing process that would probably mean only 1 or 2 per level in Tier 3 anyway, which is what I am seeing.

It wouldn't surprise me if they did eliminate altogether the ability to gain skill points quickly by making level 1 items and spamming the most up-to-date tradeskill abilities every time you gain a level.

Hopefully a Dev comments in this thread on Monday.

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