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I've managed to gain another level without gaining a single "skill-up".  Now 13 points below cap.  Something has changed radically with the new release.  I'll keep trying to figure out what it is.


Whooo-Hoooo!  I gained yet another level!

Boooo-Hoooo!  I did not gain a single skill point.

Am now 18 points below cap.

I'm not sure which is more surprising: that I'm no longer able to get skill points, or that I'm still able to make cap-level pristine objects without skill points anywhere near cap.


Whooo-Hoooo!  Gained still another level!  Even managed to gain 1 skill point somehow.  So now I'm only 22 skill points below cap instead of the 23 I would have been if not for that 1 skill point I gained.

I've never used the number "keypad" before, just the mouse.  So I tried the keypad.  It didn't help me gain skill points and made my toon jump around a lot and terminate a lot of products prematurely.

I cannot use my hotbar since the upgrade.  Maybe if I could use the crafting spells in my hotbar like I always used to do I might be able to gain skill points again.

If not, maybe I can advance to level 80, from level 28, without ever gaining another skill point.  Let's hope so.  It's starting to look like I might have to.

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