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Gravy wrote:

[email protected] Bayle wrote:

Complication not required:

Simple solution: After 1 hour (or 2-3, no more than 3 I'd say) of non-activity of the character, log them out of the game. No more AFK leveling (except for that short span). I've seen people AFK level in the game and once it even prevented me from finishing a quest because the AFK'd character was attacking a targetable Quest NPC. A GM had to intervene and actually move their character.

Just set a timer of inactivity and have the toon log out. Really, its rather simple. Other games have implemented the same thing where if your character hasn't moved from one spot in X amount of time and the system hasn't read any keystrokes from your computer, you're insta-logged. I mean, how difficult is it for the person to just log back in when they get back from their AFK?

Its pretty easy to write a macro to 'move' so the system thinks you're active. Could be as simple as casting a buff on your merc or moving a few steps forward then back.

Someone will always find a way to beat the system, that doesn't mean that SOE should completely ignore that people are breaking the rules that they have set. 

The problem is generally that the only way people get caught doing this is because another player reports them.  If SOE had a general, auto logout after so long a period of inactivity by a toon in any zone, not just houses or guild halls, that would be a good start.

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