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Since the very first expac I have always geared up in the very beginning after release by spending my hard earned plat on Mastercrafted Armor and Jewelry. And it was always a viable way to get ready for the new content. Even more so when experimentation and refined rares were added.

Take for example the Glittervein Platemail set. When made using refined rares and fully experimented upon, the set was more than good enough to get a tank started on the new Advance Solo and Heroic content. (pre-resolve era of course).

Now that you have made the rares needed for KA Mastercrafted a super-rare / lottery system I am sure two things are going to happen.

1) There will not be a lot of the Master Crafted available until well after launch - and when it is people will already have gotten better gear from grinding.

2) The Master Crafted that is made will be silly expensive, and it won't sell as well as previous tiers have. People with a ton of plat will just wait for the SLR and buy the gear they want, why deal with gear you can't reforge when you can spend the same amount on gear you can.

So even though it is probably already to late for you to rethink this new system, I thought it was needed to be said that a lot of us think its a horrible idea.
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