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NG23985_01 wrote:

I cannot believe we are going to repeat this mistake. I thought we had learned this lesson before. In EQ1, the Planes of Power expansion had nearly every zone locked behind access quests, and what was the result? The result was a massive exodus of the player population. Do not repeat this mistake. I thought Sony knew better by this point.

Actually, in EQ1 most of the recent expansions had the majority of zones locked behind access quests. In both UF and HoT you had to complete the access missions for each tier to gain access to the next tier. DoDH, SoF and SOD had access quests for the end zones as well. GoD had a lot of access quests for higher end zones.

None of those expansions caused "a massive exodus of the player population". Neither did PoP. The expansion that killed it in that era was LDoN, that was the one that bled out players and the reason was lack of unique content, not locked zones.

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