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Davngr1 wrote:

meh.. doing the quest for sky was sorta fun.        but yea like fel said..  these things better work..  no bugged camp mobs or anything like that please.        also make it possible to zone in people if you have access but others don't like sky.

I liked the skyshrine quests very much, there were great rewards, it was a group questline to access group content, and with the exception of harvestables it was to kill very generic very abundant mobs. Now they are solo quests with junk rewards (minus end rewards) and most mobs are barely abundant enough to complete a quest for 1 person let alone a zone full of people. Tbh if this is the way the devs want it to be, make the mobs respawn in 30s and split instances at 20/25 instead of the ~50ish it is now.

p.s.  (unrelated to davngr's comment) I've completed all of Obol and am currently bugged on Puzzle Pieces in jungle so I know first hand how long and tedious these questlines are even with a 95 recklessness stance sk doing big roundups and basically 1-2 shotting everything.

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