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SteelPiston wrote:

You really do need to join the 21st Century and get over your "Creditcardophobia"

You don't buy the SC cards with your credit card. The credit card company does. Your obligation is to pay them back within 30 days so not to incurr any interest. Buying things on credit cards is the best way, as you often get free insurance on the purchased item as it is not technically yours until you pay the credit card company for it. Any fraud on your card is at their expense unless they can prove that you were neglegent with the card and didn't keep it safely.

I have owned numerous credit cards for over 30 years and have never once had an issue. ATM cards however, are a different story. They have been scammed and cloned several times with different banks over the years. In all cases, the money was returned to me after signing a form stating that I did not purchase the said item.

Throw away that buggy whip, those 78's, and buy a phone without a cord attached to it.

It's not about "Creditcardophobia".  If I buy SC with my credit card, I get 1500 SC for $15.  If I buy from Walmart, I get 2000 SC for $15.  Double Station Cash days it's 4000 SC for $15. 

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