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Kander wrote:

Plane of War: Warlock's Banner of War - Acidic Deathcloud – Now grants caster 10% spell double attack for 8 seconds in addition to the spell damage. Reuse remains 90 seconds.

Coming Soon.

10% sda for 8 seconds? really? 10% sda means it MIGHT put the warlock at a whole 20%. That's a pretty insulting "fix". for a frame of reference, the wizard mythical buff is 10% passive. a mythical cloak with an 8 second 10% reusable every 90 seconds... i hope you dont expect us to dance a jig in thanks.

Like said previously dot tick it or make the sda passive.

*edit* if FC duration was increased it'd need to be closer to 5 seconds not 2. between recovery and cast duration 2 seconds could very well not even net 1 extra spell.

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