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You needn't be rude about it. I am not one to not admidt when I am wrong. In this case it seems I was, due to a misunderstanding on my part. I was simply trying to understand with my post the price difference of something that appeared to be the same to me. It is obvious to me now that they are two different things. No need to be so blunt.

It doesn't make sense for all access to not be posted with the other EQ2 subscriptions, hence part of the source of my confusion. It should be listed next to Gold membership on that page, but it is not. Also if you look under Gold is says in several places "Full access" so you can see where the rest of my confusion comes from and why there was a misunderstanding.

Sorry for the confusion, but I do appreciate the clarification. At least, perhaps this may serve to clairfy for other who may ahve been confused in the same manner as I.

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