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Gothun wrote:

Because the actual issue is Wrath's recast being 5 seconds, which means you actually only have 5 seconds to cast the spell to reapply the debuff effect. So .5 vs. 1 second cast time is small compared to the 1.5 second recast to 5 second recast, which is the part that actually matters. So yes, as tedious as you think it might be, casting Imprecate instead of Wrath is in fact more beneficial for the said effect. 

Putting a spell that has to be cast every 10s on a 1s cast time or you lose all stacks is tedious no matter how you look at it.  Yes you can stack them faster with imprecate but you also have to cast it earlier and are more susceptible to interrupts and various other things.  A 10s duration means you have little to no time to deviate and push back reapplying this, and there are far too many things that take priority or will cause you to be unable to get it off in the last 3s you might have.  If you have time to cast a 1s spell every 8s then you don't need what this debuff even does.  Put it on Putrefy, extend the duration to 20s, and then it's just right.  Ten seconds is ridiculous.

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