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Wingrider01 wrote:

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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

I dont get the complaint.  Are you complaining that they supply the mats, you get the roll, and they keep their mats, but you want it to be so that you get the mats instead of them?  It doesnt sound broken to me.  It just sounds like you want to keep the mats they supply.  That isnt something that needs fixing.  A fix implies something is broken, and nothing is broken from what is described. 

The person with the aa should be getting the bonus out of it not the customer. the customer pays for the item made and can get their moneys worth of mats back without ever having to spend the AA point. Op have you tried clicking the checkbox (crafter gets side materials?) and see when it rolls if you get the bonus materials or not?

Checking that box doesn't change things. The materials are not considered a by-product.. they're simply not consumed.

then if you get the by-product you should refund any plat that they paid you to make the item for you or are you condoning the idea of double dipping just because you decided to be a crafter?

This is what it sounds like to me.  Not really concerned how the system might read to work, its still not right that someone supplies the mats AND pays you to make something, and you're complaining that you spent a couple AA's and didnt get the mats yourself.  Sounds more like, as you said, they want to get paid for the work, have the customer supply the mats, and get the mats back themselves so they can turn around and use or sell the mats themselves.

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