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NG23985_01 wrote:

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Conveniently leaving out you are using named mobs for the 'bigger' example. Granted a recent development of them having solo versions, but they aren't supposed to be your typical push overs.

I don't care if that ape is King Kong's great granddaddy! He is too big! The point here is not that these are named NPCs, the point is that they are TOO BIG! In the old days, named mobs were exactly the same size as typical mobs of the same race. This giantism has to stop. It is annoying on an epic scale.

So context doesn't matter they should be small? By that same logic so should all the dragons which would be silly.

How intensely boring that would be if 90% of the NPC's were 5'6"

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the lizardmen in the lower area of Eidolon jungle... watch for the red shimmer and see how much every mob nearby grows.

Almost like they have a buff that makes them bigger and helps combat. Gee, I sure do wish players got something like that.

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