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Alright here is a completely new idea list some old some new, some revised. Some with shout outs to Rangers on the Beta forums; Twyxx, Neiloch mainly.

  • No minimum range on ANY combat arts or bow autoattack. This is mainly a cure for PVP since as soon as any melee class gets on top of you it is usually lights out. But I have been finding more and more in my soloing travels that many mobs have huge hitboxes. This could be an add-on to our myth buff since our mythical bow removed the minimum range from our CAs and Autoattacks.
  • Extension: Bonus increased to 10% and maximum range of melee based combat arts increased to a minimum of 10m, enabling us to remain at a farther range at any given time.
  • Lowered casting time on most abilities.
  • Focus Aim: 5% damage increase, 25% strikethrough, have it last longer and be raidwide.
  • Makeshift Arrow: Change it to an Until Cancelled buff without a trigger count. Add an effect called "Shattered Fragments" (or something lol) Which has a percent chance to proc 50% of the damage caused by Makeshift Arrow in a 10m radius with a DoT effect after the initial damage.
  • Double Arrow: Change it to an effect that ALWAYS triggers a focus damage effect equal to the damage of your autoattack. Only triggers one time, not off of multiattacks. IE: So you hit for 50k autoattack, Double Arrow hits for 50k, then the rest of your multiattacks/flurry go off.
  • Hookshot: pulls the enemy to you and causes high piercing damage. The attack is guaranteed to hit and the next attack made will crit and do 10% more damage. Possible increase to recast time as it would actually be a good attack.
  • Hawk Attack: Siphons 25% of the groupwide/raidwide hate to the fighter with the highest current hate position. If no fighter is present it siphons the hate to the hawk. The hawk will have 50% HP, and 75% of the Avoidance and Mitigation of the Ranger using it. IE Ranger has 50k HP 75% avoidance and 60% mitigation. The hawk would have 25k HP, 56% avoidance, 45% mitigation.
  • Thorny Trap: Reduce the casting time to 1s, increase the damage caused drastically. After the initial hit triggers a DoT.
  • Catlike Reflexes: Enable it to work in PVP. In PVE reduces hate with the enemy by 5% per proc (instead of a static value), lowers hate position by 1.
  • Killing Instinct: Changed from DPS and Ranged Skill increase to Autoattack multiplier increase and damage proc for the Ranger and a groupwide 5% Ability Double Cast (this effect would apply to the ranger as well).
  • Snipe: Add an effect that increases the damage the target takes by 2-5%.
  • Hunter's Instinct: The current bonuses it gives, plus 5% dodge chance. Groupwide buff with the group portion being half the effect of the self buff portion.
  • Conservation: Added affect of 20% ammo conservation.

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