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Let me preface this by reminding you that we were told that the rewards in PoW would be long-lasting in several cases. My hope is that improving the very underwhelming Myth Cloaks. For those who are head of the guild I'm in for progression, the Mythical Cloaks that drop in PoW have been largely a letdown and really need to be vastly re-itemized.The vast majority of the cloaks are worse than Vallons HM cloaks and the Raid Tradeskill Crafted Cloaks. Honestly, if these cloaks are fixed, it will give the zone at least some lasting value. Kind of like how Munzoks had lasting value due to the power of some items. I believe this is critical to the game, even though there is a chance I'll never see the items. I know that several people, Slippery/Buffrat/Myself (not that I put myself in any elite league, I'm just willing) are willing to offer some suggestions based on the needs/wants of the class to help make these cloaks better.

For starters, each cloak should also have a Red and Green slot. But more importantly, several of the effects on the cloaks are worthless or even... a net loss if they're used (The Warlock effect and its 2-second casting time is so inefficient a Warlock should never use it)Are you willing to look into this?

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