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Shebee wrote:


Rather than crying about the Fury, how bout you request a remedy to your concern regarding your Inq. or make a Fury.

It is people like you that cause more problems to the game, increasing one class at a time to catch up with another class that is doing more than they should is not balancing. It is never a good idea to balance 23 other classes around 1 other class. That class should be balanced amongst the others.

What should I ask for to balance the Inquis with the Fury??? Let my autoattacks do insane damage like they used to? Increase my reactive damage two-fold? Allow all of my multiattack and flurry to work unrestricted in PVP? The difference in damage output is astounding, couple that with the fact that they can do it at the same time as healing is silly. I was one of the few people that was crying for a nerf to the SK class when that was my MAIN. I am all about balance not about my class being god mode.


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