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PrometheusAfire wrote:


#1. Furies have no useful debuffs, and their group buffs are meh, save for the int and power. They do have a useful temp or two however (Feast is ok, and Pact of the Cheetah is good).

#2. They wear leather armor, and are very easy to interrupt.

#3. Power is a pretty big issue with furies, especially since some of their best abilities eat it like a fat kid on a candy bar. It is very difficult to pump out dps, and top the heal parse and still have power left over for the next fight, unless you have a concious chanter or troub in your group.

#4. Limited cures with long repop. The cures they do have also chew up lots of power.

I don't have a Mystic, but I do have an Inquis, so I'll give you a comparison.


#1. Has great debuffs, group buffs are great (Fanaticism is fantastic, as well as Tenacity), and provide more benefits to the group as a whole. Good temps (Inquisition, Reactive Counters, Divine Guidance, etc.)

#2. Wear plate armor and if you spec for Steadfast (you would be crazy not to!) you don't get interrupted nearly as easily as any other healer.

#3. Has far better power management than Furies due to Inquest, which is a proc that you can put on yourself or a groupmate that drains power from enemies and gives it to you. If you put a point into the focus effect it procs a LOT (again another one you'd be crazy if you didn't spec for it).

#4. Best cures of all healers (one of which can be cast while running) with short repops, and they use very little power.

So there are some points for Fury vs. Inquis. It is well known that either druid is a good choice for pvp, but with a Fury you have to pick and choose the right times to dish out damage vs. straight up healing. Inquisitors are a perfect middle ground between the two.


Rather than crying about the Fury, how bout you request a remedy to your concern regarding your Inq. or make a Fury.

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