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Davngr1 wrote:

 i still think reckless is a moronic ability that is unbalanced among all classes. also unbalanced among tanks, that is FACT and it was me who "lambasted" all the scrubs on that "other" site. 

  i actually DO know and it is you who is ignorant posting about ju ju bean mechanics.   when i in FACT post what was said by a developer ABOUT hit/miss/avoid  formulas. 

  ST/accuracy does indeed work for every class.  

  tanks will always have lower hit rates than scouts (even behind the mob) because their class has a lower modifier. 

  melee skills and accuracy are both modifiers but melee skills only need to be 100> the mob to reach full effectiveness.  getting skills over 100> is wasted as far as accuracy but does still benefit greatly because it modifies lower end damage.

 consider yourself educated, just like the scrubs on that "other" site.

Dav. /sigh

I don't know how much you sponsored the site to get that post removed, but even your guildmates who you continued to insult were calling you ignorant and asking you to stop posting. Remember?

Besides, I'm not talking about raiding EM Skyshrine with 2.5 groups and mercs, which is what you admit your guild does.

Me and the "scrubs" from the other site are raiding content that you will never see, let alone defeat, until the cap is raised.

Seriously, don't talk about min/maxing until you're at a point to speak from experience. (EM Skyshrine doesn't count.)

The OP wrote, "The important thing to note here is at the time I had max strikethrough and about 60% accuracy." So the effectiveness of these skills varies greatly depending on the zone and encounter.

Also, your suggestion that weapon skills needs to only be 100> the mob doesn't take into consideration disarms (and a gang of other factors), which if you haven't noticed are rampant in new content.

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