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Zivgar wrote:

I gave my reason why I don't think it is a practical way, but that is my opinion. I think HC items would be a lot better than MC items, but you still have to gather the raw materials (or buy them, or join a guild with harvesters), and you have to pay for the fuel to make them. At that you would only get fragments. If some one was doing this to get materials to level up adorning then they would still need get powders. Yes we all the different ways to get them, but my point is that this idea would still not be the best one out there. Just another choice.

So one of my agruments is to create a situation to prove that crafters really don't have a lot of options. You said there is more, but I just don't see it other than the ones that I have stated. I see HC items being pretty useless in this current system of the game. Why not have these items transmutable right now in the game? I don't see how it can hurt anything and I have given reasons to why I feel this to be true. For some of the things that myself and others pointed out an alternate idea was given, which I would have no problem with if it was implemented as a compromise. 

Sometime you have to spend money to make money, if you are so bent on getting your transmuting skill up then you buy the items to do it, make adornments with them and sell them to recoup what part of the costs that you can. In the end you might make a profit. I could go for handcrafted items being able to be transmuted for a *possible* fragment, maybe a 1 in 5 chance but no more.

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