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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

hello hello! I myself just moved to AB from Crushbone (formerly of LDL) and havent hooked up with a guild or such so making a new friend who shares my obsession would be awesome. *grin* I have been too preoccupied decorating various projects to get myself out much and meet people. I'm not a carpenter or tailor, but I am a L39 provisioner so if you need some lower tier foods let me know. I'm online a few times a week, mainly weekends or evenings 7ish-10ish CST. Look for Crymsynn or Temprah.

Hi Crymsynn,

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for reaching out!  Sorry for the late response, I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support I've recieved from all the wonderful folks on AB. I have been working on getting settled in the last 24 hours and am so thankful for the folks like yourself on this server.  I will definately ping you in the game.  Happy Decorating and talk to you soon!

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