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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

I'd love to know why healers do not get the option to take the aoe rune, since it doesn't have a class restriction?

I would love it for soloing and when I can do some dps on easymode raids, yet I'm being denied access to the rune - if it was class restricted I could understand, but it isn't.

i agree with this as well.. My inquis would like to use it... IF IT EVER DROPPED,, please put them on a vendor

My enchanter wanted wide swings the moment he saw it, for he goes down the STR line already has 24% AE attack.  Instead, he can choose from useless mana back and nearly useless stifle resists.  I also agree these should be more available, but I'd care more if I could actually get one I wanted.  As it is I have a pile of silly runes in my bag, mocking me.

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