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why must you taunt me!?!  :smileytongue:
Gah this is killing me, I played a HFL on EQ for years and grew quite fond of the lil guy, from a roleplay aspect he really fit my personality of have fun at all others expense.  Also, the biggest thing that always held my attention in EQ was the lore, hands down, no matter what, that was what kept my interest (pre luclin).  Now I find these little smigions of lore and though I understand that the world is still being explored and mapped out, its killing me because I want to know.
The one thing that bothers me is that players will be able to affect the world.  IE if someone opens the Neriak seals, then it is open to all, Lady Vox can be restored to life, the Frogloks can be found, etc.  What bugs me is that I (and many others) might not be able to see these things in their original state before a high end raid guild comes through, does all the high lvl stuff just to say that they did and thus the game is forever changed.  Though only 1 of the above examples would be a major change (the fact that Vox can no longer appear out of the surrounding walls), I'm sure that there are many other things that we have yet to find, but will someday.  What really gets me is that if you get the wrong crowd (those only worried about the mob and loot, they could destroy the lore before it is found and passed on.  Maby I'm just being foolish, but SOE is usually tight-lipped about the lore and inner goings on of the game.  Which often leads to the multiple 3rd party versions that are endlessly debated.  :smileytongue:
I know that the odvious answer here would be to lvl as fast as I can to see all of these things, but then I've passed up so many other things just to get to the high end of the game, wouldn't that put me in the same boat as those I would be competing with?
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