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@Anastasie: It has to do with the way the guild roster gets it's data.  The only thing stored in the roster data itself is a pointer to the members and their name.  It pulls everything else from the character data.  Unfortunately, that means that none of the rest of the information will be updated until that character logs in again. 

So lets say you have two guild leaders, "HereAlways" and "NeverAround".  One day NeverAround logs in and says he's done playing this game, and that he's going to go become Amish, then logs off.  You don't here from him for months after that.  Eventually, HereAlways decides to demote him down to the lowest level.  The roster will still show him as a guild leader until the character is logged in again.  I believe that if HereAlways kicked him from the guild it would update the roster since that would remove the pointer from the guild roster data.  But other than that, rank changes won't show unless the character logs in again.

@Daalilama: I believe that's a different story completely.  That's the forum software that doesn't seem to get a lot of work done on it.  Seems to be a pretty low priority for some reason.  I seriously doubt it even gets it's data from the new feeds.


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