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Honestly Roleplaying folks have been ignored for a very long time, So even as a raider myself I can see this being a very good feature for them. SOE has to listen to all of our griping and prioritize things. Even if a system has been broken for 6 months, Roleplayers have been ignored for years. Hence I would feel they are higher on the priority list and this will make alot of them happy.

Can you point to a roleplayer that requested this?  I'm going to go out on a limb and say I'd bet 90% of roleplayers are not intersted in the voice modulations.

I agree they can't cater to only one group, but this doesn't seem like a big win and timed pretty horribly.

I do understand though, that the modulation isn't something SOE developed, its something the voice chat company they use offers.  At most SoE just helped setup what filters goes to each race/gender. 

The facial expresions I'd also wager is a licensed technology.

90% of stuff added to any MMO EQ and EQ2 included is not requested, it is stuff the developers make for the game cuz THEY think its cool. Roleplayers may not have requested it, but they will for sure benefit from it and feel like they arent being ignored. And everyone seems to be focusing on the voice thing. That isnt new no, but transmitting facial expressions to make your own emotes and make the characters seem more alive, is groundbreaking never been done before in any mmo. The closest was in rainbow 6 vegas 2 where you could take a picture of your face and overlay it on your SWAT dude. but that was still a photo Not real time asymetrical movement. This is bigger than any of you realize. It is a new mmo feature, world first and it expands interactivity within the game.

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