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Being the first Free to Play experimental server, we used to have an official RP collection of places and guilds for our small but passionate RP player base which got lost in the Extended to Live forum merge. This thread will take that place.  

I'm hoping other Freeport guilds and RP peeps will come forward and add to this thread, and I'll gladly keep it updated. Some of us original bronze and silver RPers don't have the funds to transfer over to the official RP server, and we still need this community on Freeport. Lets stick together and keep the stories going.

First on this list is the fantastic guild I am a member of The Wayfarers.  We are a light RP/ casual guild, neutral aligned, with a full ammenity hall in Antonica.  IC we are a group of mercenaries working for the mysterious Irago who seems to be caught up in some web of spies and wizardry..  We do not requre RP, but ask that respect is shown to those who do RP, and there are some very memorable individuals who are IC most of the time.  Guild website:

The rest is copied and pasted from the original EQ2X thread, don't know if some of these are still around, but will edit this as I get responses:


The Wayfarers -  Contacts: Nayawk, Garmond, Armawk, Missy, Oksania

Black Hand -  Contact: Merohil

Wicked Kindred -  Contact: Ximeana, Ximena

Dragonriders of Norrath -  Contact: Miirabel

Legends of Neriak -  Contact: Efina

The Qeynosian Protectors -  Contact: Stonecaster



The following channels are established, based on the familiar channel setup from Antonia Bayle - although a little quiet at present:

RPLFG - If you are looking for a roleplay group, ask in here for groups to join

RPEVENTS - Players advertise events here, join to listen out for tavern and roleplay events

RPIC - In character only Roleplay chat

RPCHAT - Random channel for gamerelated info


The Town Square - EQ2 RP hub on Guildportal

The Athenaeum - EQ2 Lore

EQ2i - The Lore section of EQ2i

Stratics - Stratics EQ2 Lore

Lore of Norrath - EQOA, EQ1, EQ2 lore sorted by category

EQ2 Offical Forums - The EQ2Live lore sub forum


Light Roleplay

Nayawk wrote:

I don't know about others.. but for us it means this:

We don't expect you to want to roleplay at all, to use florid langauge or have a detailed ten page bio of who your characters are (though we will be delighted to read it and engage with you if you do) but we do expect tolerance for those that do choose to roleplay (light or heavy) and to follow the golden rule: be game environment appropriate.

Heavy Roleplay

Jinxsy_EQ2 wrote:

Not as scary as you might think! Think and act as your character would.

Example - Jinxsy levels up! ((Hurrays!))

Good character might say - "Aye you're getting to be a big strong Lassie!" (If he were a Dwarf with a strong accent, but you get the point)

Evil character might say - "Excellent, you'll soon be a strong enough opponent to make it almost a challenge to defeat you" (if he were a slimy evil type, but again you get the idea)


Need more added here? Please post below, or updates, things that are obsolete, etc. I'll update as required.

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