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Lethlian wrote:

Honestly I'm kinda of torn on which side to take with brigands. While I like the new passive procs of the left side and the addition of gaining two more CA's to my casting order....its just hard to tell if its going to be enough to overcome the benefit of the CB conversion on the right side and now the CB (even after nerf) proc on TG...

It just feels like I'm only going down the left side to get the shanegains update and Thug's Poison....but thugs poison isn't modified by ability modifier anymore. I still don't trust Venom Explosion yet (as the first time I tested it out, it seemed very underwhelming dps wise) but then again I haven't tried it now with the newer increase to its damage. I like the idea of shred, buts its still a bit tricky to make sure you can see it in the maintained window efficiently enough to know when to cast it.

I like the prestiges that they're giving us, but yet at the same time it still feels like it could use a little more polishing up. (but tbh it feels like allot of other classes need to have the same polishing up/finishing touches done as well)

I suppose intially for now I'm still going to go down the complete left side atm. The only way to really tell now (for me at least) is to just end up playing it on live and see how it fans out.



Yeah I think they did a great job balancing the two sides with both Rogues tbh.  The left side is going to add more single target damage while the right side will give us an AoE bigger than anything a Warlock has. 

I also don't like how clunky Thug's Poison and Shred are to use, I guess because they are new to me and I havent prcticed with them.  Trying to maintain at least one increment of Thug's Poison on an AoE fight will also be fail because you will ruin your Shred damage--and plus think of how much fun tracking down multiple backsides will be in a crowd, only to have multiple back attacks fail to proc the Poison at all.

I think a couple things need to happen before this goes live

1)Shred needs to not activate until you do have 5 stacks of Thug's poison applied

2)Multiple stacks of Poison on multiple mobs should count towards your Shred's damage (ie if I poison 5 different mobs in an encounter, the 5 stacks should still apply.)

3)I still say the 1.5% is REALLY weak.  In comparison, Swashies can get 5% for 12 seconds on a 45s recast temp.  Which would you rather have?  I know I'd rather have the temporary 5% (plus that skill is a MASSIVE combat art, should hit for 300k in raids like our AoE).

4)If you won't concede that 1.5% is too low, then Thug's Poison should land on 100% of back attacks or 75% of ALL attacks.  Otherwise it just gets stupid.

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