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Ulrichvon wrote:

[email protected] Bayle wrote:

Brigands have been Neglected since EoF and have been a mediocre class at best. I'd really like to be able to have Sunder and Change of Engagement. work it in somehow SOE its not too much.

Both rogue's are barely relevant anymore.  I was honestly expecting more attention to them with the expansion.  Fairly dissapointed so far.

Yep, weapon damage bonus debuffs, quick ae mit debuffs, and max hp debuffs sure are "barely relevant anymore".

The ae avoid in the right line needs to be changed to something else entirely. If an aoe is actually avoidable in the first place, and 99% of the ones that actually do a decent amount of damage aren't, the brigand already has AR running, the bard has turnstrike, bladedance, and veil of notes, and the healers/mages are probably not in melee ranged of the named. The only time this would be remotely useful is avoiding a red text (again, if it's even avoidable) on a burn, and we already have bladedance, tshell, and equilibrium for that.

Other than that, 30% cb is a nice bonus, but I still think the mit debuff on thug's poison should be doubled (along with the durations on swash/necro 5% debuffs).

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