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All of the other threads are kind of specific.

Left: I like the line. I think it's swell. But I think it could use some changes. This is what I'm thinking and why.

Poisoned Blades:

Increase the damage of Thug's Poison proc by 25-50% base, lower the proc chance to 50%, and allow it to trigger off any CA as long as you are behind/flanking the target, instead of just the behind/flanking req'd CAs.

Potent Venom:

Remove damage increase. Instead, increase max increments by 1 per rank and add 1 dot tick per rank.

Venom Explosion:

Leave as is, or reduce the trigger chance to 40-50% and allow it to trigger of any CA as long as you are behind/flanking the target instead of just the flanking/behind req'd ones.

Vital Weakness:

Leave as is.


Have it dispel all stacks of Thug's Poison when used.

This would allow brigands to trigger the new .75% debuff on adds quickly with their blues, increase their personal dps by a little more than it does now, allow Shred to hit a little harder, give them versatility in strategy; whether to tab to a bunch of high hp mobs in an encounter to maintain 8 poison stacks or constantly Shred a single one, etc.


Highwayman's Advance

Why is this debuff even on here, unless it stacks with itself?

Exacting Venom

Trigger chance is bugged, not stacking and remaining 1% no matter how many increments you have up.


Could you just put on Blinding Dust exactly how high of a chance they have to miss? I also think the endline should be something different too, but I can't think of any good suggestions right now.

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