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Omougi wrote:

A few changes are coming to experimentation in the next build or the one immediately after that.

Counters will now provide a benefit to being used, even when they are not countering anything.

Due to the above, we had to rebalance and tighten up the tuning on experimentation a bit.  Instead of just relying on luck, it will be mechanical skill of balancing your reaction art use and still a bit of luck.

Let us know what you think about the new tweaks!

Counters do not seem to do anything or do next to nothing. I don't see a real variation between using nothing and uing counters.

While experimenting, I couldn't right-click to examine the icons and see what they did nor enable tooltips. I couldn't either open my knowledge book. In short, I was stuck in place until the "craft" was finished and couldn't get any kind of info on the skills I was trying to use.

Having 6 skills with different icons is highly disturbing.

I couldn't move the skills around and have no clue as to how they auto-populate (I don't use the default order)

Inovator's Insight doesn't do anything.

French Tradeskill Guide and my houses.

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