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  • The crafting skills that populate the bar in experimentation don't seem to do what they say they do (progress boost, durability boost, etc.)
  • Event is call "Experimenter's Insight", but buff received is called "Innovator's Insight"
  • Innovator's Insight has a [BUG] message on mouseover (something about Experimentation not being a supported skill or something). It has a short enough duration, unlike other insight buffs, that I wasn't able to grab the exact message.
  • You can imbue an experimented item (if it is a weapon, or chest/leg piece that can be imbued) and lose all the experimentation on the item - it might be good to have some warning to that effect?
  • there was no visible increase in attack speed or crit chance when I successfully experimented on each of those abilities

For reference:

  • 1st experiment adds "Experimented" prefix
  • 2nd experiment changes prefix to "Prototypical"
  • 3rd experiment changes prefix to "Innovative"
  • 4th experiment changes prefix to "Ingenious"

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