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Demonstration of FaithWas: Blue shields surrounded the target then spun faster and faster until they disappeared inside the target. The target's skin turned a shiny blue color, to show they were covered.Now: You duck and cover your head like a wimp and then a golden aura/bubble/shield surrounds the target before shrinking down and solidifying. The bubble itself is too small, it ends up "inside" my body as a Barbarian, looks fine on Elves.Upgrades: Flashiness and number of pulses of the shield.

Comments: Major upgrade. Very happy with this. Make the bubble bigger so it doesn't get swallowed by large bodies in platemail. We paladins are known to be like that.

So let me get this right. A ward with an animation that makes us crouch/cower and cover our heads with our hands, that's a "major upgrade" that you're very happy with?

I can pretty much assure you, if that's the case, you're in a minority (and may actually be the only Paladin who thinks this is an improvement).

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