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Infuser recipes are now available from merchant Thalnor. Please refer to the forums for more information on infusers!
  • Spirit Stone recipes are now available from merchant Thalnor.
  • The tradeskill achievement for completing all tradeskill quests should now complete (and will retroactively complete if you had already done them all) The tradeskill beta buffer will now offer you rares, infuser and spirit stone components, and faction assistance if you talk to him in Maldura (but not in Village of Shin).
  • You must now have completed “Captain’s Lament” before you can get Captain Ethan’s latest quest in Village of Shin.
  • The tradeskill beta buffer in Village of Shin will now offer to complete your “Captain’s Lament” quest automatically if you ask nicely.
  • Tradeskill collections in Maldura have been re-placed and should now all be gatherable.
  • A Cure for Maldura should now correctly give you the scanner required. If you already have the quest, you will need to delete it and reacquire it from Gwynvyn.
  • All the Maldura crafting stations should now be visible in the preview window.
  • SCUBAG and Overclocked Combine Harvester are now flagged as mastercrafted items. Also, the tinkering rare recipes now require only 3 rares.
  • “Fuels are Forever” now states the correct zone (District of Ash). Unfortunately, this broke the gear update - should be fixed by Saturday.
  • Maldura bookcase and drapery recipes now make the expected items.
  • Tinkered Beetle Trap is now a level 100 item.
  • Splitiron Great Axe icon is now 100% less breastplate-like.and 100% more axe-like.
  • Clipboards should now correctly update level 100 writs, and questgivers should no longer discriminate against the timed versions.
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