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Energizing Ballad - Will now grant the target a Flurry to Potency Conversion
Jester's Cap -Greatly Increase damage on Jester's Ruse
Arcane Symphony - Will grant Increased Arcane resist for the Troubador's group
Elemental Converto - Will grant Increased Elemental resist for the Troubador's group
Countersong - Will buff the caster's group with Potency and Ability Modifier
Demoralizing Processional - Will buff the caster's group with Final Ability Damage for spells
Zander's Choral Rebuff - Increases Arcane Damage done to the target encounter

Confront Fear - Grants the target an Ability Reuse to Potency conversion
Clara's Chaotic Cacophony - Grants the caster's group Final Ability Damage for combat arts
Oration of Sacrifice - Grants a single trigger damage spell to the target
Noxious Symphony - Grants Increased Noxious resist for the Dirge's group
Battle Cry - Grants the target a Multi Attack to Potency conversion
Zander's Choral Rebuff - Increases Noxious Damage done to the target encounter

Items and Equipment
Corrected stats on Handcrafted and Mastercrafted gear
Adornment sets should now properly apply with new adornments.
Better Part of Valor now increases health by 10%, instead of 10hp.
The guild buff banner will now set it's name to the guild's name.
Collection pieces may now be added to depots.
Piercing weapons can no longer be used by druids.
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