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Carpenter Stuff:

(I know this is coming in too late to have anything done for launch, and I'm sorry about that, but at least it is being caught for a future hotfix? :O)

The Zou'Liledas Lantern is not only very small, but the default placement sinks a chunk of the base into the floor. Max enlarge is rather lacking, too.

To show you what I mean by very small, everything in the below picture is on default size and default placement (so the lantern is a bit sunken in). Yep, the platter is almost bigger than the lantern.


Next up, I *adore* the newest additions to the level 100 common carp recipes - there's one cosmetic niggly, though.

Both the Splitiron Tall Pane and the Umbrite Tall Pane have their default preview only show the top half of the panes - the bottom half is off the bottom of the preview screen and requires scrolling and resizing to see it properly.
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