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The solo version of this name is such a mess.  I died on the first pull because I didn't get back around the pillar in time and he called for help and summoned a possessed essence, which killed me.  From then on, every pull has resulted in him summoning the essence on pull (I'm running up to him on pull, not pulling him off his mound), even before the first Burn message, which kills me.  I have tried zoning out of the instance and back in again, but he still summons the essence on pull.  EDIT: I'm guessing he's supposed to do call the essence from the start?

Edit to add: Several times, even when I'm behind the pillar and have gotten the red txt msg that I've taken cover, I'm still getting hit with the nuke, and getting one shot.  So, it's not the possessed essence that is killing me (I'm able to kill the essence fast), it's Gh'Char who is hitting me with his nuke, even though I am hidden.  I am broken, and I am so completely frustrated with this name.  I'm killed in one shot when I hide... I'm killed in one shot when the hide is successful and after the rift is cast I move back out to fight again... I give up.

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