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Hi all, if you visited the site in the last 2 hours or so you may have been unable to create a user account. I had made some changes to the script that checks the incoming data for being of the correct format and I made an error and it wasn't letting anything through. This has been corrected. This error was pointed out by Tovin, one of the good people over at EQ2 Stratics. Thanks again for the heads up.I will be making further news posts and informational releases such as this over on our boards at the EQ2 Markets Forums.Please visit us there for further updates.There have been some issues with uploading log files in IE. These have been solved. I recommend switching to a better browser like  Firefox .

I increased the upload file size to 500k to better handle the large log files that some have been trying to upload.

1800 new prices in the last 4 days since launch!

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