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Fringe wrote:

That makes sense. I'm sure there'll be plenty of others that won't like such a measure though since not everyone likes to be apart of a guild or not necessarily with each of their characters. I for one don't mind since I only plan on posting under my forum handle anyways but I'm sure it something that might need reconsideration down the road.

I'm similar.  I plan to continue to post under my forum handle as opposed to an in-game character name. Assuming the theory is correct that it is intentional to only allow people to post as guilded characters (or their forum handle), maybe a fair solution would be to have a different wait-timer before someone is allowed to change handles again if the character name is unguilded.  Some people will misbehave regardless I'm sure, but I am sure there are ways of making it unattractive without just disallowing unguilded characters altogether.
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