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There have been lots of posts about moving to the test server from live, and the answer is it ain't gonna happen. SOE has said no, and they never did with EQ1 so its likely to stay no. There are very good reasons for this, which have already been posted in other threads.The test server has more than a "handfull" of players, there is a growing active community that plays there. We do find lots of bugs and even help test specific things when the developers ask us to now and then. The main purpose of test server however is not what most people think it is, there is a private SOE only test server that does most of the actual testing. Test serves as a middle ground between that server and live where they can see the code in a semi-live state before publishing the patch. Sometimes new bugs are discovered there, but they don't always fix them before they go live because they have a schedule to keep and it is hard to track down many bugs (I know from the sessions where I have helped try to do this).The test server is just like the one they used for EQ1, and it works for them. Other games might have different ideas for their test server, but its SOE's world now.
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