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Problem as I see it, as it stands there isn't alot of use for the test server. 1) Big problem is there is only a handfull of players on the server so finding bugs are more remote. 2)Some of the bugs are cuaght on the test server and still make it through to the live servers because of last min changes which caused alot of the probs from the get go.
I personally thought about getting into the test server a bit more then I have, cept I have already spent alot of time on my characters on the live server and dont want to start over. I have yet to see a post on this but I see nothing about moving your characters over to the test server, I know me and 3 of my friends would prob consider it and play exclusivly on the test server if our characters could get moved over. Then the lack of people hurts also, there is no insentive to be playing on a server where your character, or the world has the chance of going haywire due to testing, no bonus xp, reduced price in monthy fee, nothing that I have seen on the boards or noticed in game. Lastly the test server needs to be a clone of the live servers in all aspects, if last min changes are being though up, then they need to wait to go in on the next patch instead of running the chance of cusing live servers to go crazy.
Just my thoughts on the subject.
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