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I want to take over the bow chart since the old one will not be updated by the previous owner. I'll copy most of the important facts and chart. Feel free to add new bows from the new expansion. I have already added the new Avatar bow from TSO.

** Rating - The Damage Ratio listed on in-game links.  This is the value many rangers use to decide which bow to equip, but is a poor indicator of actual bow damage.  Calculation: (Min+Max)/Delay** Avg - Average Non-Critical Damage per Hit.  Calculation: (Min+Max)/2** CritBonus100 - Damage Modifier if 100% of hits were Critical.  For example, a value of 1.67 indicates that if 100% of your hits were Critical, your auto-attack would do 67% more damage (average over many attacks) than if none of your hits were Critical.  This formula is lifted directly from Leanan's Critical Damage post (an excellent read) found here:  I won't explain the specifics of this calculation here because Leanan goes into perfect detail in his post.  Calculation: ((((Max/1.3)-Min)/(Max-Min))*(Max)+(1-(((Max/1.3)-Min)/(Max-Min)))*(1.15*Max))/((Max+Min)/2)** CritBonus50 - Damage Modifier if 50% of hits were Critical.  This means that, on average, half of all auto attacks will do critical damage.  If 100% Critical hits add 67% to your total auto-attack damage, 50% crits will add half that, or 33.5% to your non-critical auto-attack damage.  This is also part of Leanan's work.  I based my bow comparison numbers on a Ranged Crit of 50% because it's a middle-of-the-road value, and happened to be the average ranged crit % value I achieved in one run of Crypt of Agony (when I didn't use Focus Aim as often I could have).  If the ranged crit were changed to 25% or 75%, bows with large damage spreads would see differences in their ranks, but it usually only moved them up or down a few spots in the list.  Calculation: (CritBonus100-1)*0.5+1** W/Crits - Average Damage per hit, accounting for 50% Critical Hits.  The Damage Modifier applied to the Average Damage.  Calculation: Avg*CritBonus50** APM - Attacks per Minute.  Based on bow Delay, how many hits occur in one minute. This entire process assumes 100% of auto attacks hit, which is almost never true, but accounting for a lower hit percentage would lower all numbers proportionately, so hit percentage does not need to be accounted for.  This equation is directly from Effidian's work.  Calculation: 60/Delay** DPM - Damage per Minute.  Also from Effidian's work.  If each hit does the damage listed in w/Crits, and hits occur at the rate listed in APM, this is how much damage will be done per minute.  This would be the final number needed for bow comparisons if it weren't for the "broken" arrow mechanics.  Calculation: w/Cirts*APM

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