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Splatterpunk28 wrote:

I'd be happy if they just put anyone in combat if they are hit by another player.  Problem solved.

There is nothing in the game more annoying than having to run after people...forever.  If I am outnumbered, I take it and die.  I know it would be asking too much to have them code in there to make an exception if "heroic" vs solo player, but still...I'd prefer everyone just get put into combat.

well we have that in place cause ppl cried about getting killed while questing... soe nerfes this game over and over again. at least i'd like to see a "10% chance to become engaged on a hostile hit". that would stop single players - like the op for example - to run into 30 players with his out of combat guardian and basically won't be killed due to not being put into combat, having all the out of combat run speed and regens. it's pathetic to see people stand in the middle of enemies knowing that no one will take them down cause they just going to run. and with the cross faction communication we see too many idiots nowadays running through our lines alone spamming chat "it's 12 vs. 1 again" - oh yeah morons, when you run into 12 people alone it may be 12 vs. 1 and if one hit would put you into combat you would stop that crap immediately and start to actually play pvp.

I have not been a big proponent of getting forced into combat. But after spending too much time chasing after pvp while they laugh and jump around until their full group arrives I would agree to placing them in combat upon a single landed strike. I would also like to have the the attacking group placed into combat at the same time even if only one in their group gets a hit off so some of them cannot keep running at warp speed to get a kill after someone lands a shot. This would also have the side benefit of negating the evacer staying out of combat to see how the fight looks.

I am far to lazy to chase someone across the zone in combat while  they toy with me untill they get overwhelming numbers.

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