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For anyone who is interested, DAZ3D is offering two effective and robust 3D tools FREE for a limited time. These appear to be full version as well.

I own Hexagon and use it to produce commercial models models myself; it is flexible, intuitive and fairly easy to use. I compared my copy to the FREE copy and they appear to be the same (full functionality and licensing). So get it while it's hot.

Here are the links:

Bryce 7 Pro - 3D Scenery and landscaping tool. Bryce also has built in Modeling tools, so anything is possible. I don't use it, but seems pretty nice.

Hexagon 2.5 - 3D Modeling. This is one of my favorite 3D modelers. Simple and easy to use interface and powerful tools in a small package.

I downloaded the two programs that you linked above. Everything was fine with them.

I have a question about a third program that I see Daz is offering for free but I am unable to download it. Daz 3D Studio 4.5 is listed as free on the site but when I choose the 64 bit windows version and click download I just get an error. This happens to any of the 4 choices. Any idea how or where else one might go about downloading this one?

I am in the process of downloading DAZ3d Studio 4.5 right now.  Did you click on "Add to cart" for that product?  Did you register for an account with DAZ3d?  If so, you should get an email from them after you go through the "checkout" process.  Even though your amount due will be $0, you still need to go through the process.  In the email, it will tell you to log in to your account and go to My Downloadable Products.  From there, you will be able to use the link to download the program.  Hope that helps. 

Yep that's one way to do it and that assures that if you lose it, you can always reset the download and download it again from your account. However, I was able to download it without ever logging into my account just from selecting the radio buttons (selections for 32 or 64bit) and just clicking download. Started right up without having to log in. Maybe try a different browser? FireFox or Chrome maybe? Or if not using Internet Explorer, try that. I am using IE 9

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