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Gilasil wrote:

Thanks!  I'm no professional artist, but I dabble.  I didn't realize you could get Bryce for free.  I'll have to check that out.  It used to be THE package to use for amateurs to make good looking landscapes.

Blender is definately a classic, but I found it's UI bizarre to say the least.  I suppose one could get used to it but I ended up paying the money for Lightwave.  The standard tools (Maya and 3DS) are, to put it mildly, expensive. 

Basically Autodesk has been buying up professional quality 3-D packages and the cranking up the price a LOT.   I'm surprised they aren't hit with a lawsuit the way they seem be trying to build a monopoly.

LOL I agree that the Blender GUI is a bit hard to grasp. I tried it but got frustrated with it. AutoDesk actually brought the price of Maya down once they took it over from Alias Wavefront. Maya Complete used to cost between $15,000 - 17,000 U.S. Dollars! It's just a little more than a 3rd of that today for the Entertainment suite and is much more powerful than it used to be. Maya is probably worth the money for high end production and film but 3DS Max isn't worth me shelling out that kind of moolah when I can use Free or inexpensive software to produce the results I need.

But I'm a modeler and don't need the bells and whistles of either of those two software packages. I just need a mesh (polygon) modeler that allows subdivisions, with features devoted to just modeling and with perhaps a built in UVmapper and I'm a happy guy.

I used to use Rhino 3D but since it is more targeted to design, it's mesh handling isn't that great. It is a great design tool using Nurbs but conversion to a mesh is sometimes messy (more triangles than I like and not a pretty mesh lol). So, I weened myself off Rhino years ago and use Hexagon mostly now. If I need, however, I will go between both Rhino and Hexagon depending on which is easier to use for a task on a given model. But I always create the mesh and/or clean them up in Hexagon.

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