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Regolas wrote:

Man I tried to solo deep forge and couldn't kill any of the named mobs. I am very squishy and they all seem to hit fast for 4k+ a hit. If I cant kill things like that in a couple of autoattacks I'm finished

I have two suggestions. First, try a healer Merc (Inquisitor). They cost you 25gold and you make 10plat on the chest.  Second, skip the names if you need to. You can get the key mob and plat chest without killing any names in the zone. Killing the names is mostly for the chance at a master spell.

Before the healer mercs came out, when I soloed this zone on my Ranger, I skipped all but the last name. The guy in the middle stuns at the beginning and leashes as well. The name by the forge was also tough for me then with the hammers. But the final name definitely can be snared but not rooted.

Regarding Shard of Hate. I would suggest a healer merc and then just kill two of the names to start with. You can also skip a lot of trash as well. The first named is the to the right as you enter the zone. Other than his big knockback he's not too bad with a healer merc there. The second is the one to the left past Master P. He is standing by himself at the top of some stairs. He has a power drain but otherwise isn't too bad.

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